Buy With Confidence Information

I was the first Gardener & Painter to be approved in Plymouth for this scheme. Now some three years later, over 100 local businesses have joined, making it safer for you to use a business you can trust. Having been security checked, bankruptcy checked and signed up to their code of conduct.

Lets eradicate "Rogue Traders " for good!

Who would you rather have working in your home?

If you are a business and would like to join the BWC scheme, please email me your name, address and contact number.

Buy With Confidence
Plymouth Trading Standards Service aims to protect and promote the safety and economic and environmental interests of Plymouth consumers and businesses. It aims to ensure that Plymouth's prosperity is not jeopardised by unfair or illegal trading.
Particular consideration is given to the protection of customers who may be vulnerable.
The Service enforces laws concerned with the quality, quantity, marketing, description and safety of a whole range of goods and services.
If you are not a Plymouth resident you can find your local trading standards service on the Trading Standards Central website.

The Buy With Confidence scheme was first launched by Hampshire Trading Standards in 1999. At around the same time, Devon Trading Standards initiated a similar scheme called 'CustomerFirst'. The two schemes became successful, and were also adopted by neighbouring Trading Standards Services. As the schemes grew larger and began sharing information, it became clear that there were benefits to working together under the same rules and branding.
The two schemes merged formally in 2008 as 'Buy With Confidence', by which time over 20 local authorities were participating. Buy With Confidence is the largest scheme of its kind nationally and continues to expand its geographical coverage. A number of Trading Standards Services have joined recently and you can check whether your local area is participating by checking our map.